Kappa – Smart-X Printing

  • PVC Free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Outstanding printability
  • High degree of stiffness
  • Extremely light weight
  • Very good weather-resistance
  • No warping
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    Properties of Smart-X

    • Very good weather-resistance – UV stability and moisture-resistance; as a result no warping
    • High degree of stiffness for its extremely light weight
    • Fine, even surface structure
    • Outstanding printability for direct-to-substrate digital printing
    • Fresh print colour
    • Also available in large format up to 2 metres wide
    • Heat resistance of -10 °C to +70 °C
    • SMART-X® is made from 100% polystyrene (no adhesive between core and cover layers)
    • Very good recycling properties thanks to homogeneous material composite – Therefore Smart-X is 100% recyclable
    • Over 95% of the production waste resulting from the manufacture of SMART-X® is collected locally on the production site and sent for reprocessing.

    Quality Smart-X Printing

    Please note: We have replaced Kappa Board with Smart-X which we have found to be a much more stable and longer lasting alternative due to its structure. With superior stability and longevity, the Smart-X is a lightweight, PVC-free foam board that has a host of display and signage applications. With its core of moisture-resistant expanded polystyrene and UV/weather-resistant smooth surface, Smart-X can be used indoor or out and will preserve its colour and print quality for up to two years.  This durability, coupled with its lightweight design, makes Smart-X the smart choice for a range of digital and screen-printing projects, exhibition design, shop fittings and signage. The Smart-X also has outstanding printability, thanks to its fine, smooth surface, leading to sharp digital printed images and vibrant, long-lasting colours. And, thanks to the homogenous materials, Smart-X is 100% recyclable.

    Custom design service

    Available in a choice of three board thicknesses (5, 10 and 19mm), single or double side printing as well as a choice of laminations and print finishes, the Smart-X is a one of the most versatile and hard-working foam display boards that will vividly bring your business brand to life. With over 25 years’ experience, all our products are printed, finished & assembled in the UK and we can offer a custom design service. Express turnaround is also available on most products so call us today to find out more.


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