• PVC Free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Outstanding printability
  • High degree of stiffness
  • Extremely light weight
  • Very good weather-resistance
  • No warping
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    • Easy to process
    • Lightweight
    • Made of 100% paper
    • Fully recyclable
    • Strong and rigid
    • Available in 3.8mm thickness



    • Digital printing
    • Displays (POS/POP)
    • Screen printing
    • Signage

    Enhance your graphics

    With its flat smooth surface and superior printability, the DISPA® is the quality display board of choice for a wide range of promotional activities, exhibitions and events. Made from embossed formed paper, the DISPA® comes in neat 3.8mm thickness and has an excellent level of rigidity and stability. From smaller scale countertop displays to full-height exhibition panels, the DISPA® board combines ease of use with exceptional print and design capabilities. Thanks to the super smooth surface, it offers exceptional colour print reproduction while the bright white backing enhances your graphics and brings them to life. And, with its unique 100% paper design, the DISPA® is also fully recyclable, making it the perfect solution for short-term advertising and promotional campaigns.  


    Display boards that really stand out

    Display Signs Direct prides itself on high quality printing and displays that will ensure you and your business really stand out in the crowd. All our DISPA® boards are printed, finished and assembled in the UK and can be custom shaped to fit your event or promotional needs. Single or double-sided HD colour printing is also available, and we can also provide express turnaround if required.


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