Pastable Textured Wallpaper

  • Class A fire rate
  • Similar to suede fabric with its nap and texture
  • Has a light stipple surface that can be utilized for nearly any project
  • The light texture works well to reduce glare from direct light, while adding a warmth to the print
  •  A very popular option for wall murals because the random natural texture does not interfere with any print
  • Medium depth texture,  rough surface,  low gloss
  • Features our Tru-White standard base color
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    Dreamscape provide superior quality wall materials for large and grand format digital printing, its classed in the industry as the highest quality printable wallpaper available. Dreamscape Wallpaper is used in all McDonalds resturants, Starbucks and many other commercial environments due to its Class A fire certification and Type II scratch resistance, but this product is not just for commercial use, it is also suited for home interiors. This Type II wallcovering grade material is a 2 ply product with a suede embossing on the printable surface. Recommended for indoor use or short term outdoor, this product is ideal for murals, special effect signs, and wallcoverings. This product carries Type II certification for scrubbability, tensile and tear (medium to heavy duty). This product is Class A fire rated and meets NFPA ratings for smoke development. Our Suede High Performance from DreamScape is a premium wallcovering base material, optimized for the highest level of consistency with our modern Durst UV inkjet printing systems. Enhanced temperature and mechanical stability means that Dreamscape vinyl will remain flat over a broad range of  surfaces. This results in more uniform printing with better color saturation overall.

    High Performance – Dreamscape Wallpaper

    Our Dreamscape wallpaper is printed on our Durst P10 250HS Pro promote better uniformity in solid fill areas with enhanced color saturation.


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