Flat Menus


Our printed flat menus are ideal for cafes, restaurants, diners, and bars. Visually stunning and easy to wipe clean, your design and our print expertise are certain to impress your customers and entice them into ordering the best menu items. Choose from a range of finishes to suit your requirements.


Professional flat menus

Simple but effective, our flat menus are a great, affordable alternative to folded menus. They are much easier to wipe down and stack, making them perfect for busier environments – such as bars, pubs and cafes. Each menu is printed to the highest standards, meaning they are easy to read and eye-catching. We can reproduce your design precisely, cut your menus down to any size, and even cut a custom shape. There are also a range of finishes for you to choose from to get the desired look.


Superior customer service

Our flat menus are professionally printed by our experienced team at our UK workshop, where we have perfected the art of menu printing. No matter what quantity you are ordering or what your exact specifications are, you can be certain that we will meet your criteria.

Order online today or get in touch  by calling 0113 399 6749 with any questions or email the sales team on info@displaysignsdirect.co.uk


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