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Silver Snap Frame Lightbox


  • 30mm extruded aluminium profile
  • Super Slim 22mm external depth
  • Energy saving LED technology
  • Easy to use snap open and close system
  • 1-2mm thick clear protective poster cover
  • Available silver anodised

Out of stock

Silver Snap Frame Lightbox incorporates high powered LED illumination technology, with a durable 30mm extruded aluminium frame and a super slim 22mm external depth. Our Silver Snap Frame Lightbox also incorporates a 1-2mm clear plastic protective poster cover and our easy to use, snap open and close system which allows for quick poster change. These light boxes can run maintenance free for up to 10,000 hours.

Code Graphic Size Visible Size
LB8 297mm x 210mm (A4) 277mm x 190mm
LB9 420mm x 297mm (A3) 400mm x 277mm
LB10 594mm x 420mm (A2) 574mm x 400mm
LB11 762mm x 508mm (30×20) 742mm x 488mm
LB12/td> 840mm x 594mm (A1) 820mm x 574mm
LB13 1016mm x 762mm (40×30) 996mm x 742mm
LB14 1188mm x 840mm (A0) 1168mm x 820mm


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