Hanging Clear Sneeze Screen


  • Hangs above the counter / desk
  • Full colour printing available
  • Transparent & lightweight 5mm Acrylic
  • Durable & rigid
  • Smooth Finished Edges
  • Includes griplock cable hanging system
  • Adjustable height above counter top
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Quantity pricing available
  • Produced & assembled in the UK
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     Types of hanging perspex screens

    Our hanging perspex sneeze screens are easy to assemble and are suitable for hanging over counters, cash registers and reception desks. Our range of suspended perspex screens comes in a range of sizes to suit any location. If you’re looking for a small hanging perspex screen, then opt for the size 60 cm high x 80 cm wide. We can make screen to virtually any size so send us an email if you do not see the size you require. sales@colourgraphics.com

    Cleaning youe hanging perspex screens

    Cleaning our hanging perspex screens is very easy. You can have your hanging perspex screen clean and disinfected in an instant. You can disinfect with alcohol or any other cleaner . We also recommend cleaning your hanging perspex screen regularly with an anti-static cleaner. This prevents the perspex from attracting dust.


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