Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand


Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand is an eye-catching banner display that features weatherproof PVC graphics.
The water or sand-fillable base makes it sturdy even in windy conditions, whilst it can also be used for indoor applications.

Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand is a high quality display designed for long periods outdoors.

The unit is made up of a moulded plastic base that can be filled with either water or sand. This means it is light to transport when empty yet sturdy for outdoor applications when filled.

The unit features a heavy duty PVC banner, which is a weatherproof graphic 200cm high x 80cm wide designed for outdoor usage.

This Outdoor Banner Stand is easy to carry to outdoor exhibitions, trade shows, country shows and product launches, although it is also suitable for indoor usage.

Replacement graphics can also be purchased if you need an extra set of graphics for your unit.

Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand – WHAT’S INCLUDED…

  • Stylish design hollow plastic base for water or sand
  • Base holds 12 litres water approx
  • Quality photo heavy duty PVC banner
  • Weather resistant
  • Optional Carry case


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